Welcome to the BEST BLOG EVER!  Do you like having a good time?  Check.  Do you like partying with the opposite sex?  Check!  Do you like traveling?  Check!  Do you like a blog where the guy isn’t afraid to voice his opinion?  Check!  Do you like laughing?  Check!  If you answered yes (or Check!) to at least one of these questions then I can promise you that you will love this blog…..

This blog is the brain child of me, Brian O’Sullivan, although most everyone calls me Big B.  Since I will be covering numerous topics in my blog posts I won’t cover them all here, but let’s just say you can expect my rants on women, partying, gambling, fine dining, traveling, drinking (is that the same as partying?), and any other things that I tend to waste my money on.  I’m also in the process of launching several websites and I will occasionally chronicle what’s going on with them, but mostly, this will be a blog that will focus on “fun” subjects. Lack of entertainment will not be a problem with this blog.  If you know me at all, you realize that I have partaken in my fair share of debauchery, so instead of making your own mistakes you can live vicariously through mine.  And believe me, I’m not done making them!

At the bottom of each post are links to social media sites…..If you enjoy these blog posts, please post them on FB , Twitter, Google Plus, etc. so others can check them out (and I can increase my readership).  I’ll buy you a drink next time I see you if you do.  Pinky swear.  Cheers!!!














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