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Whoever disputed that alcohol can dull physical pain was not with me at Coachella this year.  We’ll get to that in a bit but let’s just say my tooth was killing me and every other minute I was popping an Advil like I was eating candy from a Pez Dispenser.  I guess it makes sense, since I was one of only 19 people at the whole festival who wasn’t doing drugs, so maybe me popping Advil helped me to fit in.  Advil, the drug of choice for guys in their 30’s at Coachella…..


For the 2nd straight year, we got 10 of us from LA to split a house.   The above picture is the alcohol that we got for the house.  Keep in mind that this was merely for the house,  there isn’t a camera big enough to photograph all the drinks we had at Coachella itself.  There are 2 must-haves when you get a house for Coachella: The house must have a pool (to use before we head to the festival) and a hot tub (to use when we get home at night).  Besides that all we ask is a few palm trees, and neighbors who don’t get too pissed at our rowdiness (Unfortunately, we are 0 for 2 on that).  That’s what people don’t realize about Coachella, it’s not just the music itself.  There’s pool parties, most people get great houses, there’s good food (so I’ve been told, don’t think I ate more than once all weekend), the hotels have after hour parties, etc. etc.  It’s like a 3-day, all-day party, where there just happens to be great music playing…..


I feel like everyone either loves Coachella or loves to hate on Coachella. I don’t know where all the hate comes from, but I’ll assume it’s partly because it has become so popular and lots of celebrities even like to attend.  That makes it ripe for a backlash.  But honestly if you have never been, try to go one year.   Besides the partying and music I mentioned, there are literally thousands of scantily clad women…..who can say no to that!  I honestly think a big reason the girls go is to see what the other girls are wearing, and guys go to see what the girls are not wearing!  Which is usually a lot….And girls, there’s plenty of guys with their shirts off too, but let’s be honest they were mostly just there to bro out in the beer gardens.  As for the highlights, Alt-J, Hot Chip, Phoenix and the Violent Femmes were some of my favorites.  Before I lose all of my non-hipster audience, I’ll slow down on the music itself and just get back to the scantily clad women.  Here’s a few that I went with:



The only problem with Coachella is that it really is like no other hangover.  First off, you’ve been boozing it up for 3 or 4 straight days (not to mention the people doing drugs).  Secondly, when you get home, you really wish you were still there.  You miss the music, the tens of thousands of people, and just the overall ambience.  It’s a hangover, but not just from the booze.  It’s like coming home from a vacation and wishing you were still there our website.  But the vacation included 250,000 of your best friends….


I figured I’d stop into LA for a day, see some friends, and maybe I wouldn’t get the Coachella hangover I was dreading.  My mouth was really starting to hurt now though, and I realized that maybe not going to a dentist and partying my ass off instead wasn’t the greatest decision.  I was able to Advil it up for 2 more days, but finally couldn’t take it any more and had to drive back up north.  Driving 6 hours with a nasty 5 day partying hangover, and a fucked up tooth that was going to need a root canal is not all it’s cracked up to be.  I was miserable during that drive!


So yeah, as I just stated when I saw the dentist up north he said my tooth needed a root canal and it was infected because I had taken so long to get in to see him.  He said the pain must have been very intense….I didn’t tell him the partying from Coachella and LA helped to dull the pain.   No problem he said, do the root canal, and a week of antibiotics and I’d be fine.  He also said that until I get the tooth capped I needed to only eat things like soup and smoothies.  He said it was a “liquid diet”.  I told him I’ve been on a liquid diet since I had my first Natural Light as a freshman in college.  He didn’t get the joke at all and looked at me like I was an alien.  No sense of humor.  When is the Dentists vs. CPA’s comedy challenge?  I’ll be the first one in line… the bar next door!  I also unfortunately can not play my beloved basketball or any physical sports until I get the tooth capped, so for the last several days I’ve been doing the stationary bike surrounded by 85 year old ladies.  Honestly, I think they should have a Bingo game right next to the stationary bikes.  G-47, B-26, I-19…….Fuck, I wish I was back at Coachella!!


Until next time…..


Big B

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