“WHAT THE HELL DOES BIG B DO?” is a subject that has been much debated.  Some people think that I have the best of all world’s since I’m not married, have a job that is flexible, and travel more than anyone rightly should. Others seem to believe that I should settle down, get married, and start building a family (those tend to be the older members of my family).  I tend to side with the people who think I have it pretty good, but there are certainly times where the whole settling down thing does cross my mind.  But then you wouldn’t be blessed with this fantastic blog. I mean who wants to hear another story or see another picture of little Johnny and little Jenny.  I get that enough on Facebook with my friends who constantly post boring pictures of their kids.  You have kids and they are now the most important thing in your life.  We got it!  You will not get bored from this site, that I can promise you.  So yeah, I like to party, I like to write, and I like to drunk text so be sure to check this blog frequently.  You may just get some drunk blogging after 2 a.m.   I’m not so sure this is going to end well, but it’s going to be a damn fun ride…….Cheers!!!


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